"I was impressed with the Dane Partnership during my recent application for a graduate development position.  The support provided by Lorna and her team was first class throughout.  Organisation, feedback and decisions were communicated quickly, honestly, and with sensitivity as and when needed.  They display a genuine respect for and interest in the people they work with making the whole process far more personal than I have experienced in the past.  I recommend them highly, they are excellent recruitment HR professionals." Michael Thompson - May 2016

"It has been an honour to work with Lorna and her team in the last few months. I recently applied for a graduate role for a large manufacturing company through The Dane Partnership. The process from the initial application right through to the assessment centre was flawless and by far the best I have seen. Throughout the process there was regular communication and timely responses from both Lorna and Ellen. I would like to give a big thanks to Lorna and Ellen who were not only highly professional but also very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend The Dane Partnership for anyone looking to start a promising career." Allan Methven - April 2016

"I have previously been through a couple of assessment centres. Nervousness and tiredness due to travel usually have a negative impact on the candidate's performance however this was taken into consideration and these issues tackled by offering an informal dinner with the interviewers as well as a night at a hotel. In terms of the assessment centre itself, we were exposed to real life situations: negotiating, presenting results to the managers and solving real life problems. Giving us feedback straight after each exercise, making us realise where and how we could have improved. As well as that, the rapid response in terms of getting through the different stages from day 1 is something we appreciate as unsuccessful candidates have time to explore other work opportunities." Pablo Tenorio - April 2016

"I applied for a graduate role for a company through The Dane Partnership. Before I was contacted for a telephone interview, Lorna personally made sure that I was completely aware of the job profile. Lorna works very closely with the hiring company - to a level where I believed she was the person hiring me. Later I was contacted again for a face to face interview with Lorna and another assessor from the company. She had an interview with me prior to the one with the assessor which eased me into the process. I was again contacted for an assessment centre and conveyed the required information. I was regularly contacted and kept up to date on the status of my application and the reply was very quick. She had Ellen as her representative at the assessment centre to assist the candidates. The overall experience was very good and supportive - by far the best graduate interview process. Many thanks to Lorna and Ellen for the assistance." Abhishek Govilkar - April 2016

"I applied for a Logistics Graduate role advertised by The Dane Partnership. From the first call, I noticed how closely The Dane Partnership works with their customer, as they were able to answer in-depth questions about the role, and the employer. They then worked closely with me to provide guidance and support until the very end of the process.

Two things impressed me the most about The Dane Partnership: their speed, and accuracy. My application was handled in a very efficient manner from the outset. I was contacted the day I applied, and I received a job offer two working days after the interview. The Dane Partnership were meticulous throughout the process, sending very detailed and thorough emails which summarised each step as agreed. I was informed of any update in a very timely manner and I was completely clear on each step of the process at any time.

I currently work as Logistics Graduate, and I strongly recommend The Dane Partnership." Antonio Malacrino - October 2015

"As a recent graduate in the Aerospace discipline, being plunged into the world of work and gaining that initial opportunity to kickstart your career is a daunting prospect. But, the highly talented, welcoming nature of Lorna and her team at the Dane Partnership, who have strong connections and experience within the Aerospace industry, helped me to feel comfortable in seeking professional and personal advice with my career aspirations. I am a real advocate of the Dane Partnership, and strongly believe they set the standard for HR and recruitment, maintaining a strong relationship with you throughout the job application process. They take real pride and interest in developing your career eliminating the feeling you are "just another candidate". A special thank you to Natalie Sanders and Krista King who were extremely supportive and helpful throughout my application aiding Lorna in helping me realise my aspirations in securing a job with a world class Aerospace company. My only criticism is that I didn't find them earlier!" Alex Watkins - August 2015

"The service, assistance and support provided by Lorna Dane throughout the recruitment process was over and above of what I had experienced and expected from a recruiter. The very much personal and friendly approach that Lorna gave had made the process enjoyable. At all points she maintained contact and continuously kept me updated at each and every stage whilst being on hand to answer any questions that I had had for the graduate role. From an applicants perspective, The Dane Partnership should act as a model of how all recruitment campaigns should operate by for recruiting potential employees. To sum up in three words; professional, personal, and supportive." John Gordon - August 2015

"I experienced 'above and beyond' service when going through The Dane Partnership with regards to looking for my Industrial Placement year position as part of my Univeristy course. For what can be a daunting and stressful process, Lorna as well as her team made it very comfortable for me and prepared me in such a manner I surprised myself in the interview process. Lorna is one of those few people that cares so much for her work it shines through in the people she works with. I cannot reiterate enough how much I would recommend utilising the services of the Dane Partnership as they guide you from the beginning, through to the end in what is usually a difficult situation." Chris Adams - July 2015

"I cannot speak highly enough of my recent experience with The Dane Partnership. Lorna and the rest of her team represent what recruitment should be all about, quick responses, attention to detail, with a very personal touch. The Dane Partnership provided myself, as a new graduate, with the opportunity and support to secure a dynamic job to begin my career and I cannot thank them enough for that." Ewan Morrison - May 2015

“It sounds strange to say it, however I enjoyed the application process for a graduate engineering position working alongside the Dane Partnership. Dane Partnership couldn’t have made the application process any easier.  A competency based interview with Lorna Dane before the employer interview allows you to become calm and relaxed, which is extremely beneficial. Lorna and the team are genuinely interested in your progress through the application process and ultimately in your own personal success. Dane Partnership make the application process easier for students frantically looking for a graduate position, through there supportiveness and experience. They provide a great service to both their client and the client’s applicants.”  Cameron Muir - March 2015

"I was first contacted by Lorna for a telephone interview when applying for an engineering graduate role. Lorna instantly came across as very caring (almost motherly) but determined to make sure that I was the right candidate for the job. At no point during any application process have I ever felt so comfortable speaking to a recruitment company. From past experience I can tell that a lot of recruitment companies pride themselves on the quantities of candidates they find jobs for, not necessarily the quality of the service they provide. With Lorna however there was something different, this was recruitment but on a very personal level, taking the time to get to know me and making sure I fully understood the roles and responsibilities of the position I was applying for. I have now been accepted onto the program I applied for and I truly believe that is largely down to the support I received from the Dane Partnership. I want to say to everyone at the Dane Partnership that you have been a massive help and if all recruitment companies were like yourselves, then applying for a job would be such a wonderful process!! Thank You!"    Liam Shipman - March 2015

“I was directed to the Dane Partnership’s services through an engineering position that I had applied for. I can honestly say that I have never been made to feel more comfortable during a recruitment process, from beginning to end. To me, The Dane Partnership has raised the standard of how recruitment services should be operated. The services consisted of prompt replies, great advice and an unquestionable eagerness to really get to know their candidates. I would like to finish my testimonial by saying a huge ‘Thank You’ to Lorna personally as well as her assistants.”   John Maguire – February 2015

"I had an interview with The Dane Partnership, and found Lorna to be very personable and professional.  I was treated well, and had a further pre-interview with Lorna before meeting the employer to settle any nerves, which was very helpful.  I'd certainly recommend The Dane Partnership to anyone trying to find a job, or needing advice on career related issues."  Sam Page - September 2014 

"I cannot speak highly enough about how well I was treated by the Dane Partnership. They provided an extremely friendly and professional service, they understood and supported my decisions during the process,  helping me to find a job that I love! Many thanks to Angela and Lorna at Dane Partnership." Joana Santos - August 2014


"Lorna and Krista at the Dane Partnership were incredibly supportive throughout the whole recruitment process. The interview was relaxed yet professional. I felt they genuinely had my best interests at heart, wanting to find the right position for me as well as the right person for the job. Many thanks for your continued support." Fleur Long - August 2014

"The personal care I was given was invaluable - it was with thanks to Lorna's coaching and mentoring that I gained sufficiently in confidence in order to successfully secure my first full time permanent position in employment. The biggest thing that stands out for me is that Lorna cares passionately about those she works with and seeks to get the best out of everyone."  Michael P - January 2014

"Lorna and her team have provided me with an exceptional service. not only were they fast, efficient and professional but also provided genuine care and attention to detail above and beyond their duties. I cannot recommend the Dane Partnership highly enough and look forward to developing my professional career that they have help me establish."  Denis Clarke, Graduate - October 2013

"Now that my son has finally started his new job, I wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team, for all your hard work and personal attention.  The early work which you undertook with him was undoubtedly key to his eventual success – his job interview was the day after one of your sessions, which worked wonders for his confidence.  I am also extremely grateful for your personal involvement in placing in a role for a few weeks – again having been unemployed for a little while, it helped enormously in easing him back in to the work place. You certainly have the Midas touch – thank you!"  Chris D - August 2013

"All the staff at the Dane Partnership and JumpStart are warm, kind and very helpful. They made me feel like it was there personal mission to help find a suitable job for me, which they did and I cannot thank them enough. The Dane Partnership and JumpStart are great organisations to be associated with and I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone." Alistair Mackie, Graduate - July 2012

"I cannot thank the Dane Partnership enough for their help in securing my dream job. I first met Lorna in August 2011 at which point she really got to know more about me, my qualifications and goals in terms of career opportunities. With an unusual qualification, I found it really hard to get interviews, and never had a chance to show employers what potentially I could do for them. However, Lorna really got to know the real me, she saw my enthusiasm and passion and on her introduction, that's what helped me secure an interview and my job offer.  

I have never experienced a service like this before; it filled me with hope and I never doubted they'd find me the right job. Lorna and Reanne helped me every step of the way, I was prepared to the best of my ability - with knowledge of the employing company, interview tips and techniques and it is thanks to that extra support, I have achieved my goal and started a job with real career prospects.  Sadly, without their help I guess I would still be applying for jobs! I will be recommending the Dane Partnership to everyone for their recruitment service with a personal touch. THANK YOU!" Niki Patchett - March 2012

"Upon completion of the JumpStart programme with Lorna and her colleagues I went to my first interview full of knowledge, confidence and ability and later that day had the job that I had so hoped for.  I really could not ask any more from the process as I thought it was brilliant, intuitive and one of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever undertaken.  I would highly recommend the service provided by Jumpstart to anyone looking for that edge in the job market because it is one of those things that really does work.  I cannot thank the programme and Lorna in particular enough for all the help and guidance they provided. "  Alex Gess, Graduate - July 2013

“The Dane Partnership has been simply outstanding from start to finish. Lorna and her team are organised, attentive and very professional. I was interviewed by Lorna, who took the time to explore all of my qualifications and experiences in depth, leaving no chapter of my past uncovered. I was offered a wealth of meaningful and high quality feedback, that was specific and personal, far superior to any career advice that I received at university. Throughout the phases of my successful application, I learnt a lot about my personal style and interview technique that helped me to both understand myself and how to make the most of my experiences in future interviews. I felt that the Dane Partnership and JumpStart sought to truly understand my personality characteristics and to explain the mentality and environment of the company I was applying to, such that when I progressed into later rounds I had no doubt that it was the right opportunity for me. I believe that the Dane Partnership offers an excellent service, one that I would highly recommend, setting the standard for how recruitment should be done.” Adam Prescott, Graduate - June 2012

"The Dane Partnership helped me find the right job reflecting my skills.  Having recently graduated, I was looking for relevant roles and Lorna Dane guided me through the process right from beginning until end.  I had a mock interview before the actual company interview which made me prepared and confident and definitely helped me get the job.  The Dane Partnership is not like other recruitment companies.  Don’t waste your time, just go straight to the Dane Partnership, I would recommend them 100%."  Milan Thapa, Graduate - April 2013

"With the help of the Dane Partnership and JumpStart, a process which should have been terrifying was made a lot more bearable. Lorna was remarkably helpful in assisting me throughout the whole application process right from the word go. Her professional and friendly manner really added to the personal service I received which ultimately led to me accepting a place on a highly sought-after graduate scheme. I felt I was always able to contact Lorna to ask for help if I needed it which made it a pleasure dealing with her. I was continually kept up-to-date with the progress of my application and immediately informed of any developments. I would, without hesitation, recommend Lorna and the Dane Partnership to anyone seeking employment." Chris Primett, Graduate - June 2012

"I would have no hesitation in recommending the Dane Partnership and JumpStart to anyone looking for employment. Throughout the entire process Lorna and Reanne kept me informed with my progress and their advice was a big help in my preparation for the interview.  The Dane Partnership have remained in contact since I found work, and this continued interest in my progress speaks volumes for the level of customer service you get with the Dane Partnership in comparison with other agencies. If I ever find myself in a similar situation again the Dane Partnership is the first place I will look." Mark Mansfield, Graduate - June 2012

"From the first second I spoke to Lorna and the team I was taken aback by the friendliness, professionalism and sheer support that they have towards you as a candidate. At all times I felt Lorna was just a phone call/email away and I still feel like that now, even though my new role has been confirmed. A lovely team that inject that confidence you need to kick start your career. Thank you so much for help; I would highly recommend the services of the Dane Partnership to any friends and family." Carl Stanley-Jones, Graduate - April 2012

“From the very first phone call, I knew the Dane Partnership were completely different and unlike any other recruitment firm you may know of. They arranged all my interviews according to a time convenient to me. I cannot thank them enough for landing me a job that almost every graduate would dream of having. It took them no time in arranging an interview and helping me secure a job within a week from my contacting them. They supported me through every step and also helped me prepare for the start. It was a very smooth and seamless experience. I would recommend the Dane Partnership to every graduate looking to land their dream job role. They dealt with everything is such a personal way and constantly communicated with me so I was never in the dark or left hanging in suspense and I was amazed by that. I’m sure anyone who knows about the Dane Partnership will agree with me. Thank you Lorna and Reanne, I am really grateful for everything you have done for me”. Anand Vardhan, Graduate - April 2012

"I owe a debt of gratitude to the Dane Partnership for working with me to get a job that I was suited to, and one that was suited to me. Without the significant input and insight they provided, I would not have found something that offered the challenges and opportunities I wanted. The most important thing the Dane Partnership did was to get to know me in depth. I knew I was in safe hands and that I would only be put forward for something that was right. Having this confidence in a recruitment consultant cannot be underestimated because they are responsible for helping you make a life-changing decision. I know that the Dane Partnership enabled me to make the right one.” Edward Whitworth, Graduate - March 2012

“I have no hesitation in highly recommending the Dane Partnership following the outstanding quality of service I received. Lorna went above and beyond what I have come to expect from recruitment agencies, she put me at ease during my interview, which is no small feat in itself! The support and communication has been second to none, from the moment I applied, leading up to my interviews, and ever since being offered a permanent position – they have constantly kept me well informed.  Anyone I know who is looking for a job shall immediately be pointed in the direction of the Dane Partnership.  My most sincere thanks go to Lorna and Reanne for such a pleasant experience.” Chris Mackie, Graduate - March 2012

"I am so grateful for all Lorna and her team did for me. They provide an extremely thorough service, ensuring you are suited to the role. I felt prepared and supported throughout and was always kept up to date. Lorna is very personable and I would not hesitate to recommend her." Georgina Moore, Graduate - February 2012

"The first time I went to the Dane Partnership I knew immediately that Lorna and her team were different from all the other agencies I had been to. The Dane Partnership helped me every step of the way from application to my offer of employment, providing extraordinary services to get me ready for work, which included interview preparation, professional advice, guidance and regular communications to keep me motivated and inspired. Therefore it gives me great pleasure to recommend the Dane Partnership to everyone. Thank you." Tobi Folahan - February 2012

"When I first got a phone call from Lorna at the Dane Partnership in response to my job application, little did I know this was going to be the start of a complete change for the better.  Lorna and Reanne's advice and guidance was fantastic throughout the application and placement process. I was a recent graduate looking for an entry level job in Engineering, which is a specialised and highly competitive industry. The support from the Dane Partnership was second to none - everything from interview skills and practice, improving my CV, sound professional advice, even organising a paid work placement to further expand my skills and experience; the Dane Partnership were working above and beyond what any other recruitment agency would do by a country mile. It was due to the Dane Partnership that I now have my first successful full-time, permanent appointment.  Without them, I honestly believe I would still be applying for jobs.  I want to take this opportunity to say 'thank you' to the Dane Partnership for jump-starting my career and I am very grateful for all their efforts.  I will definitely recommend the Dane Partnership to everyone, and do so with a smile on my face :)" Gareth Dawkes - January 2012

"JumpStart has been the perfect step for me as a recent graduate.  After leaving University with a different grade than I was expecting, the JumpStart course gave me the confidence and tools I needed to tackle the job market and approach the companies that I wanted to work for.  Since completing the JumpStart course, when attending interviews I had the confidence to feel like one of the stronger applicants, all due to the programme training and preparation. I was able to get some temporary work at first through JumpStart and shortly thereafter, I was offered the ideal job that I had been looking for since graduating!  Thank you for everything."  Paul Dwyer - October 2011

"Without your constant support I don't believe this employment application and successful appointment would have gone so smoothly. Fantastic, caring and supportive - just what a young graduate like myself needed.  Your professional advice and guidance has greatly helped me and I thank you for making it possible for me to start my career within my degree sector.  I will happily recommend the Dane Partnership to everyone.  Thank you." Elvis Wamuhu, Graduate - August 2011

"I have no hesitation in recommending Lorna Dane and her colleagues at Jumpstart and the Dane Partnership. Throughout the course of my application I never felt any sense of impersonality that may often be associated with these processes. Lorna recognised the traits I possess that made me right for this job. The service is always professional and extremely friendly, with regular communications ensuring I was never out the loop.  Thank you!" Matthew Gaudion, Graduate - August 2011

"The Dane Partnership kept everything very clear and made me feel entirely at ease, informed and supported throughout the recruitment process. It was a difficult time for me personally, but I knew I could rely on the Dane Partnership to give me the best chance of securing employment. I have used other agencies and there is nowhere else as professional, helpful and meticulous. Dane Partnership offers a top class service and I'd have no hesitation in recommending them." Charlie Kneen, Graduate - August 2011

"When applying for graduate building surveying employment, the JumpStart programme was a significant factor in my success.  One to one meetings and regular communication with the JumpStart team streamlined my CV, enabled me to focus and communicate my best attributes clearly, partake in practice interviews and write more concisely in correspondence with potential employers.  The result was landing my first job and the start of the career I wanted.  I highly recommend this service for student, graduate and applicant's developement and ultimately as the aid to finding suitable employment opportunities."  Ben Maxwell-Aylwin, Graduate - June 2011 

"The Dane Partnership has been extremely supportive in helping me secure a graduate position. I would strongly recommend them thanks to their high level of personablity and guidance throughout the process. Both Lorna and Jane were so helpful from my first interview up to the point of securing my job, and are still there to support me now. The Dane Partnership is a recruitment company who really care about the individual!"  Cian Coakley, Graduate - September 2013

"The Dane Partnership is something more than a recruitment company, Lorna is really passionate about finding the right role for candidates and the right candidate for the company, going that extra mile to get to know both sides and having a great intuition about finding the right match. I can say only positive things about Lorna and her agency and would have no hesitation in recommending them." Barbara Callicott - August 2014